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Carnival Vista


Gross Tonnage:133,500
Guest Capacity:3,934
Length:1,062 feet
Onboard Crew:1,450


Carnival Vista offers a number of unique features, including a groundbreaking suspended cycling experience called SkyRide, the first IMAX Theatre at sea and the RedFrog Pub & Brewery offering three different kinds of beer brewed on board.

Also new is Family Harbor with special family accommodations and a family concierge, along with the tropics-inspired Havana staterooms and suites featuring a dedicated pool area. The ship’s outdoor spaces include a massive WaterWorks aqua park, highlighted by the 455-foot-long Kaleid-o-slide, the longest slide in the fleet.






Fitness recreation


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Customer Reviews

My husband and I have previously cruised on Carnival and were very disappointed in the service on this cruise. We had purchased the drink package, we understood you are not able to use in port but we actually couldn’t use it at all the first day. When we could use it, there were small inconveniences that didn’t make sense…for instance if you ordered a double and we’re paying for it you got it right away, but if you had a drink plan, you had to wait 5 min. There was minimal service around the pool and the bars were short staffed. When attending a show, we also had to get our own drinks and also had to get a drink and bring it to dinner, otherwise you would get the drink with dessert. We chose to do anytime dining but it also involved using the APP and putting your name in and often had to wait 30 to 40 min for a table. There were extra costs for certain juices, coffees and smoothies that were uncovered on the drink package. They even charged $3 for popcorn on movie night. One night at dinner, they brought us what they said was a complimentary shot for after dinner and they charged us the full amount and also for the shot glass. When ordering dinner, you had to ordered all 3 courses right away, had to hunt down a waiter if you wanted a refill on coffee or bread. We also had booked fitness classes to which the instructor did not show up and then they refused to reimburse the full amount. The customer service agent was rude and refused to address any of our concerns. In general, the motto of this trip was hurry up and wait… getting on/off the ship for excursions was a nightmare and very disorganized. I would definitely not consider cruising on Carnival going forward.

Hmmm…Where do I start? This was my 8th time cruising on Carnival and cruised on over 20 cruises. This was undeniably the worst cruise ever on any cruise line I’ve been on. MAJOR ISSUE - PUBLIC RESTROOMS - very sparse, hidden and small. The worse example, the men’s restroom located by the aft pool/bar. This men’s restroom had 1 sink, 1 toilet and 1 urinal. This restroom serviced the aft pool/bar area, part of buffet and 2 specialty restaurants on the 11th deck. Now, if this is not really bad ship design, I don’t know what is. Come on Carnival. The other restrooms, if you could locate them, were not much better. Embarkation was running late. We arrived at our allotted time went from one line to another a bit frustrating. Took about an hour to board ship. FYI, if cruising out of TX or NY, drink packages do not go into affect until the 2nd day of cruise. So, any beverages purchased the first day on Carnival will be charged to your account. Buffet - food was mostly cold, warm at best. The selection was limited and long lines. Had to wait in long lines just for a couple of selections. Rock hard bagels. No kidding, I cut into one and it flew off my plate. Worst of all, they ran out of bacon. What??? Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana, Pizza and Deli offered good HOT and tasty food. Main Dining Room - food was good and hot. We didn’t care for the limited menu. It was much better when there were daily menu changes. Service was very good during our two visits. Waiters Milroy and Edwin were very nice, personable and efficient. We had anytime dining and enjoyed the App check-in option. Tip: check-in on app and don’t head to dining area until app lets you know table is ready. It gets very crowded in SMALL dining room entrance. Specialty Dining - good and bad experience. Fahrenheit Steak: The steaks were cooked perfectly, the appetizers and sides were good, nice selection. The dessert we choose was just ok. It was the chocolate sphere, nice presentation, not that great. The cheesecake at the table next to us looked delicious. JiJi Asian Kitchen: the food was excellent and overall experience was good. The tables for two are too small for all the dish sizes they serve. They should consider serving in deeper smaller bowls/dishes. At one point, I had my dinner plated hanging about a third off the table. The Rose crème brûlée was delicious. Cucina Del Capitano: sad to say food was not that great and I’ve dined there on other cruises. I was very disappointed. The food was served warm, not hot. My partner ordered the Porkchop entree and it was not cooked properly and tough. The Bellini I ordered not served cold. The 2nd one I ordered was cold and much better. The dessert was cold. It would have been better if served hot or warm. The rolls were good. Entertainment - blah Liquid Lounge: once again, horrible design. NOT ENOUGH SEATING! The lower floor has lounge type seating, resulting in limited seating. 2nd floor was not much better. There are tables located near the rear entrances serving no purpose at all. Not sure why they are there, one cannot see the stage from those tables. Part of shows watched were mediocre. Limelight Lounge: much better seating. Comedians were entertaining. Enjoyed the variety of comedians and number of shows offered. Ocean Plaza: offered a nice variety of entertainment. Main pool (Mid-ship): lots of empty, wasted space could be used better. It needs a larger pool and more seating. Staff: a lot of sad faces roaming the ship, everywhere. Not sure if Carnival is treating them badly, not paying enough and/or overworking them. Quite the contrast to the staff on my recent cruise on Celebrity. I normally tip a fair share to the staff from bartenders, cleaning, waiters, sometimes for just cleaning my table, delivering a drink or just a smile. I came back with more tip money than usual. Disembarkation - TERRIBLE It was not so much that we were arriving late to the port. The ship had a detour to Cancun to drop off sick passenger. The disembarkation instructions were so confusing. We didn’t depart the port until 2pm. I could go on and on, but I will say I will most likely will NEVER sail with Carnival again and warn cruisers not to go on the Carnival Vista. The WORST Carnival ship I have sailed on.

We were a group of 19 grandparents, parents and grandchildren taking our first cruise together. We chose Carnival for their family friendly reputation. We chose the eastern Carribean cruise but Carnival had to cancel it and substitute a western Caribbean cruise on our chosen date which we couldn't alter. They offered a $100 per cabin on board credit which we were allowed to convert to actual cash back at the end of the cruise. They didn't mention that option until the last day so most of our group spent theirs on board. Anyway, we enjoyed the flexible dining arrangements and the cuisine very much. They had all kinds of options for children and adults served at many locations on two different decks; some of them we had never before tasted. The barbecued ribs and lobster were my favorites. Other than the first day when everyone was trying to eat lunch at once, there was adequate dining room around the outer lido (10th) deck with views of the ocean so that we could all sit near each other. We enjoyed the table staff who served us every evening and learned our names and shared their stories with us in the more formal dining rooms and we liked dressing up for the two formal dining suppers there as well. We also pretty much loved singing and dancing to the brief 'Showtime!' entertainment in the dining room every night toward the end of the dinners. All of the other staff we met were friendly and interested in us. Cabin arrangements were very good for our family groups of three, but the provided crib was too small for our two year old grandson so they had to move him to the big bed and his dad wound up sleeping on the hard couch. One of our cabins for four had a pull down bunk bed with two levels which is necessary to comfortably sleep a family of four. The storage cabinets provided had a surprising amount of space which was mostly adequate and the restroom/ shower area was comfortable to use. Thanks to our lovely and talented travel agent, we were all near each other on forward deck 8 and liked that part a lot. Our cabins each had balcony access which provided beautiful views of the ocean and some fine relaxation. One balcony even had a door to the adjoining balcony and the staff member opened and fastened it so we could share the experience with one of our other families next door. By the way we would rate overall cleanliness as excellent! Our kids loved the water park with its two large tube slides, etc. rope course, workout equipment, sport court, and sky ride with its pedaled gondolas suspended over the upper deck. We also used the two pools (but swim diapers were not allowed) and the hot tub. Some of the other activities and entertainment we liked but some not so much, as might be expected. They all seemed professionally done, though. We used the indoor IMAX theater to watch Avatar 2 and the outdoor theater with its lounge chairs to watch Wakanda. Our adults played Skull King and Blackjack around a large table in the dining area at night after the kids were asleep. We did use the children's activity rooms for a little while on a couple of occasions but they weren't quite as immersive or exciting for our children as we had hoped. We felt And there were other venues we didn't use. Our excursions to Big French Key at Roatan, Cave Tubing at Belize, and All Inclusive Dolphins, Manatees and Sea Lions at Cozumel were all great experiences; better than we expected. We wanted to stay longer and enjoy more snorkeling and beach time at Cozumel, and we had to remind the tour guide that snorkeling and paddle boards were included in our package at Roatan but they were all a lot of fun and we liked the included lunch at all three places. We all felt that the debarkation procedure could use a better, more detailed and consistent explanation between its live presentation and its written forms. Luckily some cruisers knew where we should congregate beforehand so that we were at the right deck when our muster group was called and only needed to haul our luggage three decks down because the elevators were far too crowded to get us there in time for our early non Carnival shuttle from Galveston to the Houston Airport. One of our cabins was able to smell the odor of smokers but only on one evening. All in all though, we came away very satisfied with our cruising experience.

I have disabilities that made me think I could not cruise. Carnival proved me wrong. My ADA approved cabin was spacious, the bed was comfortable, and the closet space was accessable. the bathroom was large enough for my power chair to turn around in. The crew was helpful with every aspect of my needs. Every crew member assisted me with anything I needed and always had a smile and a friendly greeting. I got lost my first night and couldn't find my dining room. The hostess in the Horizons dining room found me a space and my waiter, Jonathan, took care of my dining needs.I had a wonderful holiday. Once they knew of my special needs, they solved every request, need and want. If I had any criticism, l it would be having more time at the ports of call, however, that is not in the control of the cruise line to control time. I am ready to go with Carnival on another awesome vacation!!

EMBARKATION: We live within two hours of the port, so it was an easy drive. Parked at Falstaff Cruise Parking and got a shuttle to the ship. The shuttle was a bit slow to get to the ship due to road blockages from the Dickens on The Strand event that was happening. Falstaff parking was fine, but they only run one shuttle per ship in port which means wait times can be long. Upon arrival at the pier, we gave our luggage to the porters and headed for check in. We arrived at our designated time. When I first saw the lines, I was worried, however the lines moved amazingly fast and we were quickly checked in and sent to the holding area to await boarding. The ship had arrived late that morning due to fog, so boarding was a bit delayed. We boarded by sections which went fairly fast, and we were on the ship in a reasonable period of time. Carnival handled this very well. Our cabins were not ready at the 1:30 time frame promised, however we were able to drop our bags off and go explore the ship which we did. CABIN: We were in cabin 9379, a balcony cabin mid-ships on deck 9, starboard side. The cabin was exactly what was expected, it was nice and clean, configured in a twin bed arrangement since I was traveling with my adult age daughter, and well taken care of by Ida, our cabin steward. He did a great job through the cruise. SHIP PROS: The staff on this ship were fantastic. They gave great service and were kind and helpful throughout the cruise. We loved the team on this cruise. I could not have asked for better service. The entertainment was excellent, loved the new 80’s rock show, and the shows throughout the week were well done. Louis Clare, the Cruise Director was more visible and active with the passengers than I have ever seen before. He was on the pier at every port greeting passengers, and even thanking us and inviting us back as we left the ship. He was very friendly and hardworking. One highlight of this trip from a service perspective was the Chef’s Table. My daughter started feeling bad as the event started and elected to return to the cabin. The Chef’s table staff assist he back to the cabin, prepared some homemade chicken noodle soup and sent it to her, and checked on her throughout the cruise. They were amazing. In addition to how caring they were, the Chef’s table experience was amazing, I enjoy fine dining, but this experience took it to another level. Definitely worth the extra fee. We really loved the Serenity area and the aft deck pool area. Both areas were reasonably quite and a nice place to hang out. The atrium lobby was a nice area to hang out with a good variety of live music, however you need to sit on the other side away from the casino to try to avoid the horrible smoke smell. The dining venues overall were nice, and the service was good, however they could feel crowded at times. SHIP CONS: The ship overall is a good ship, however I feel like Carnival has not built sufficient public venues to handle the passenger count on the ship. The Liquid Lounge is probably the worst theater I have ever seen on a ship. The moveable “church choir” chairs felt cheap and they were crammed everywhere you could put a chair. Carnival really needs to look at some their past theaters and improve this design. Also, drink service in the theater was exceptionally slow and continually disturbed the audience during the show. The Casino REEKED of smoke, it was disgusting. I had to walk through there a few times and held my breath as long as I could. It was beyond terrible. Carnival needs to do something about this, either improve the ventilation, limit or eliminate the smoking, or completely isolate the space from the rest of the ship, this space stank way out into other spaces. I even heard smokers complain about how badly it smelled. The piano bar was nice, if you could get in, it was clearly to small and we could never find a seat. The library was nice, if somewhat lacking in actual books! However, the Park West Art people monopolized the space several evenings and we could not go in and read or play games because of the “art” they had everywhere. They got annoying. The amount of effort and space they dedicate for this supposed “art” is over done. While there are some design issues with this class of ships, it was still a very good cruise. FOOD: Overall the food on the ship was pretty good. Lido Marketplace – there was a nice variety of food available except for breakfast which seemed to be essentially the same everyday. They needed more protein available (I mean bacon), and a great variety of other things. 555 Fahrenheit (Steakhouse) – we ate there twice and it was very good. The steaks were cooked exactly as we ordered them, delicious appetizers and desserts were available, and the service was very good. Cucina Del Capitano (Italian) – Excellent food, good service (but not as warm as the rest of the ships staff), but overall a good experience. Seafood Shack – pretty good sea day fair, a bit overpriced in my opinion, but worth sampling. Pizza – pretty good, very similar to what we have had before on Carnival ships Guys Burger Joint – overall pretty good Main Dining – good food and service each evening with a variety of menu items, the service throughout was excellent Sea Day Brunch – usually crowded, but great service and the menu was pretty good. We tried the optional “juices” and they were pretty good. Chef’s Table – an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone who wants a unique dining experience. It took over two hours, but it was wonderful. HUB APP: I really enjoyed using the hub app, however it was seldom accurate with regards to wait times for reservations in the main dining room. Guest Services – the lines were often very long. They really need a section for people arguing about their bill, and sections for other services. Having to stand there and listen to all of the arguing got really old. I feel sorry for some of the employees for the abuse they took. Ships Stores: We did not spend much time in the stores, most things tended to be overpriced and were available on land, however we did buy a few small things at the logo shop. IMAX – really awesome theater, a great way to spend time on the ship. They need real popcorn, but otherwise it was a great experience. Ports: Roatan – Mahogany Bay – great port, we did a snorkeling excursion independent of the cruise line, had a great time and would highly recommend this island for the great sea life and nature. Belize – did some zip lining and the river cave tubing. The cave tubing was amazing, I would not miss this. There was a mile long hike into the jungle, but it was worth it to see the caves and tube the river. We had a great guide, Roy, with Mystique Belize. Cozumel – There were 7 ships in port and the port was crowded. We mainly shopped and explored the town. We spend the afternoon on the ship at the IMAX.

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