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Voyager of the Seas


Voyager Class

Length:1,020 feet
Draught:29 feet
Cruising Speed:22 knots
Electric Current:110/220 VAC/1500 watts
Ships Registry:Bahamas
Entered Service:November 7, 1999
Last Refurbished:May 2009


Atrium Staterooms - now your clients can have a view from their staterooms, even if they don't face the ocean. These interior staterooms have views of the impressive Royal Promenade (open 24 hours), a huge interior galleria with shops, eateries, and boutiques. Voyager of the Seas also features an ice-skating rink, rock-climbing wall, 9-hole miniature golf course, golf simulators, two centrums, theme bars, restaurants, and much more.






Public rooms

Fitness recreation


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Customer Reviews

If you are looking to replicate a holiday weekend in Las Vegas, this is the cruise for you! Crowded and noisy, with a frat-party vibe, this was not the relaxing getaway we were looking for. To be fair, it’s not like Royal Caribbean is focused on packing the ship with drunken revelers, but this itinerary attracts them. The best day was when we docked in Cozumel, as the horde disembarked and left the ship almost vacant—it was great! They returned with a vengeance, however. Days 3 and 4 dinners in the main dining room were totally obnoxious as the dining staff was forced to sing and dance, as the announcer loudly begged for a “10” on the upcoming survey. Of course, while they were singing and dancing they couldn’t provide any of the great service we were being told they excel in. The Good: The check-in process was a breeze—really well done. For the most part, the ship’s staff was very friendly, even when it was total chaos in the dining room, and mostly very attentive. There were a few times where it appeared they were understaffed. The Meh: The fare in the dining room was mostly on par with any hotel convention meal. The bread was uniformly stale. Lowlights included a smoked salmon salad swimming in so much spicy raspberry dressing that I couldn't taste the salmon, and "cheese grits" they sold on the last morning that were inedible. We only went to the buffet once, and it was standard fare. We had dinner one night at Izumi, which was good, but tried to get in the next night, and we were told they were full, even though the restaurant was almost vacant. The Bad: The ship is showing its age. Rooms look tired, as do the furnishings in the common areas. There are a lot of people on this big ship, and while there are a few spots that the crowd seems to have missed where you can find some quiet, most of the spaces are filled with loud people. Like every cruise line, Royal Caribbean price gouges at every turn. We enjoy our cocktails, and did not deny ourselves on this trip, but we never got close to spending the amount the drink package would have cost (even at the pre-cruise discount price). It really irks me to have gratuities added to everything. It’s insidious, like a hotel resort fee. If you need to pay people more, give them a raise, and don’t try to stick me with the bill. Gratuities should reward good service, not shift the cruise line’s expense structure. The Royal Caribbean app is very weak. Lots of critical information is not available, such as pertinent information about our paid “Key” upgrade. No information about the Key program is available on the app—none. We had to ask where the welcome lunch was, ask for our dining discount (which should have been automatically applied), and ask about disembarkation information, which conflicted with the information the app provided. There was no information about preferred event seating we supposedly had as part of the Key package. The internet was a problem for my iPhone, and I had to reboot constantly (my wife’s Android fared better).

I was sent an email from RC after my cruise on Voyager of the Seas. One of the first sentences said we hope your vacation was unforgettable. That was guaranteed for me. Our party had 10 suites combined between us. At the suite check in my uncle and aunt were turned away because my uncle's passport was expired. He got a copy of his birth certificate, but it was from the hospital and not the state. The one from the hospital apparently doesn't have a raised seal so it's not acceptable. He was turned away and didn't receive any refund. I wish that was where it ended but it was not. My daughter who is 22 paid for her own suite. She had an email stating that she was paid in full. When she went through check-in, she was told that her suite had been given to someone else because she was supposedly delinquent in the amount of $36. She was not. My daughter actually wanted to pay the gratuity before the cruise so that she wouldn't owe anything at the end. She paid it over the phone with a rep from RC. The amount she paid was what she was told the gratuity amount needed to be. It turns out the $36 that she still owed was for gratuity and it wasn't due until the cruise was over (completely RC's mistake). Due to the reservation being cancelled we were treated like we stole something. One of my sons had surgery on his foot a few weeks before the cruise and needed a wheelchair. They had one brought up for him but when they told us about the reservation being cancelled, they also told the person that brought him a wheelchair that we wouldn't be needing it and sent it back. I guess he was supposed to crawl. From that point, everything went south. We ended up giving my daughter our suite because it was a 2 bedroom with a giant balcony just like the one of hers that was cancelled. The only reason that we went on the cruise was because I have an adult autistic son that was looking forward to the trip for months. He didn't understand what was happening and was crying. We spent hours talking with managers that didn't seem to care at all before being the last to board. Even though we went, the trip was ruined. It took days for me to have any desire to do anything on the cruise. They told us all that they could do was give us a room but not a suite. When it was all said and done, we were able to get the suite that my uncle lost. There was a $1000 difference in the price of the suites. We had to wait 2 weeks to get the difference back and we didn't get anything in addition. Very bad business. Also, the ship was very overcrowded. The food was terrible. This is saying a lot because I was on a diet for 2 months before going on the cruise and was looking forward to eating what I wanted on the cruise. I definitely didn't gain any of the weight that I lost before the cruise on the cruise. Even when we went to the supposed fine dining, it was subpar and when you get breakfast from the suite dining room, they just walk over to the Windjammer and get the food there. The Windjammer was so packed I got tired of looking for a place to sit and took my food back to the room. Don't waste your money on the soda drink package. The only place to get it refilled is at one of the bars (no drink machine for self-serve, major inconvenience). They often had limited drink options and didn't have the drink that I wanted. A lot of the time the can that was used to fill my drink was from an already open can. You have to get a bartender to refill your drink, so then you feel the need to tip. You can't stream Netflix or anything else because the tv's are locked. Talk about an easy way to never see a dime from me again. I would have given a rating of zero if it were an option.

Never have we said "get me off this ship". 12th cruise but first time on Royal Caribbean and the last time. We always sail with Princess or Celebrity. We wanted to try a new cruise line and it was a mistake. The only great thing about the ship was the staff. They were outstanding and had excellent customer service.The ship definitely showed it's age. The ship felt dirty and looked dirty. This has been the largest ship we've been on. We are definitely not fans of the larger ships. Larger ships equal more passengers. The ship was loud and always crowded no matter where you went. The entertainment was awful with the exception of the 2 piano players and a guitar player. There was a game show that the passengers took part in, it was distasteful and totally obnoxious. The food was average. Not enough options for the vegetarians/pescatarians or vegans. Could it be because we left from Texas? Who knows but definitely no creativity and very bland tasting. On the bright side of this cruise is that we were sailing the ocean and enjoying our time away. We are looking forward to our next cruise with Princess in January 2024.

Went on cruise for family trip, I wouldn't recommend or even go on another royal caribbean cruise. Paid for soda package been denied to use it frequently. Had an employee tell my wife and to find a different elevator due to the fact he had a private group. I get it, whatever. Main dinning has been amazing. Don't buy the internet it don't work..I know Att sells cruise packages call them don't check luggage if you don't have to, mine was lost, it was found the next day in the security office, they busted it open and took items out, and I was told. Now I have to deal with that at the end of our trip. Boat seems really out dated and dirty, Our balcony room is nice I won't jump for joy over anything. On this cruise line. Ports stops were cool, bring cash you'll be bombarded with people trying to sell you stuff. My overall expectations is below average for the money I spent.

Ship was outdated. Office/administrative staff was extremely rude and unhelpful. (Service staff was amazing). Everything was overpriced. Restaurant food was disgusting. We were both overcharged for drinks and purchases and the cruise line would not correct. Boat was over crowded. No room at pool or other facilities so we had to spend a lot of time in our tiny cabin. Walls extremely thin and neighbors extremely loud so we had to have our tv on blast the entire time to tune out the lady yelling next to us. Ports of call were so generic. Screaming kids everywhere. We thought about leaving on the third day it was so awful. Other passengers were rude…which I know the cruise line can’t help other than to make the cruise more enjoyable so that the people would be happy!!!! Overall a horrible experience and will never go on this line again. Strongly recommend against wasting your time and money!

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